I grew up the quiet sister of a large Italian family in Orange, CT. For years, soccer was life...after deciding that playing collegiately had reached a halt, I was led to CrossFit.

I've been with Shoreline Athletics since its inception in 2009. I started out a competitive athlete, competing in Regionals and local competitions. However, throughout the years, my thinking has evolved. My focus currently is remaining fit and working out alongside our amazing community at Shoreline Athletics. Over the past few years, I've learned it isn't just coaching a class that I enjoy, but additionally, really learning about my clients, individually, and forming connections with them.


Just like CrossFit's workouts, coaching has definitely forced me out of my comfort zone, compelling me to be more "personable". This then led me to finding another passion: massage therapy.  I graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, in Westport, CT. In January of 2016, I began my massage therapy career at Skinsations in Guilford.  Many are aware of the benefits of eating healthy and working out; the benefits of massage therapy complement these.

My favorite component  about being a coach at Shoreline Athletics is watching our clients, push themselves everyday, knowing that they are leaving one percent better than the day before. Knowing that our clients come in day in and day out and appreciate the help they are receiving, and are always willing to work hard, makes it that much easier to come to work everyday. I feel blessed to have found my niche in two careers that truly help people better themselves. 

Ashley’s Credentials:
CrossFit Level I Certification
2010 North East Sectional 8th place
2010 North East Regional 12th place
CPR Certification

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