Find Your Aerobic Capacity


First and foremost, we'll begin by saying this is not your typical endurance class. Do not expect to come in and just do cardio for an entire hour. The purpose of this class is to help condition individuals for their long term development or in our language, build their "base." This is the perfect class for the individual who is trying to build their aerobic capacity, lose weight, and change their body composition.  There will be a component of weightlifting in this class, but it will always be lighter and focused on functional movement patterns. You know, movements that make sense for the real world. There will be some skills intermingled into this program, but they will not be as complex as in our Symmetry program. This will be the class for the majority of the new members at Shoreline Athletics to acclimate them to our facility. This is also a great class for many of our veteran athletes that want to mix things up. For more information on whether or not this class is right for you, contact us at  

To build a “solid foundation”
To educate our clients on our training methodology
Get clients to achieve aesthetic and performance goals

Accountability and Results:
Clients should expect to see results over time
Assessment and benchmarks to show progress


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