Crossfit has organized and given form to methodology that i used through out my own training after finishing competitive athletics, and during the elective training while teaching at the high school level.  Teaching everyday athletes functional movement and the translation of what we offer while holding barbells, kettle bells or any variety of odd objects into everyday life situations empowers others to tap potential they most often did not know resided within them.   Watching other grow and learn has brought me on a journey from seeking self approbation to true joy when having the opportunity to witness another's joy of any fresh accomplishment.   

My right arm is tattooed with the inscription "God, Paula, everything else" While I will often fail at this standard, it is my hope to re-establish this paradigm daily.

My wife claims to still enjoy being married to me. Cooper, Ben, and Scout are at the head of "everything else" and raising them to be men who follow Jesus is one of my most relished responsibilities.

Every athlete who finds themselves under my tutelage will receive a critical eye on form for safety or greater performance as needed, a smile and kind word, and offer of friendship.


Favorite things: assurance of eternal life, heavy objects, heavy topics of conversation, music (Stones, Crowes, Dead, Dylan, James Brown, MJ, Digable Planets, Fugees), playing music, nutrition, peanut butter


Unfavorite things: mean people, kids on devices instead of interacting socially, sad unicorns, cigarettes, my own hypocrisy.


David's Credentials:

BS exercise science Southern Connecticut 2001

CrossFit Level 1 Certification

Crossfit Level 2 Certification

CrossFit Kids Certification

CrossFit Strongman Certification

CPR Certification – Adult, Child, and Infant

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