In order to get started with our program, we require all individuals unfamiliar with functional fitness movements to take part in our Beginner Training Package. The package includes 4 one-on-one training sessions plus 1 month of Part-Time membership (FREE MONTH!). You will begin with a simple assessment where one of our qualified trainers will evaluate your current fitness level. Following the assessment are 3 additional sessions where you will learn the majority of the functional movements and modifications we program. Upon completion of your 4 sessions, then begins your one month of Part-Time membership. This initial process will help prepare you for our classes and allow you to acclimate slowly and safely. Our goal is to give you the clarity to better understand your training needs! 


  • Conditioning: Our beginner program or for those that want a change 

  • Symmetry: A bit more advance but scalable 


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Memberships Options:

  • Part-Time (3x a week)

  • Unlimited: Athletes may come as many days per week as they’d like.

  • Individualized Programming


Beginner Training Package:


  • Session 1:  Fitness assessment  

  • Sessions 2,3, and 4 are reviewing movements and custom modifications   

  • Start your 1-month Part-Time Membership (which is included in your package)

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