I have been a competitive person my entire life, from playing sports to board games I always wanted to win.  I can remember being 5 years old yelling at my mom that "my whole team sucks" in the middle of a soccer "game".  This competitive personality led me through over 10 years of soccer and 15 years of gymnastics.  By the end of high school, I was burnt out and not into that competitive groove I have always known. 


My parents noticing this suggested I try crossfit. After my first workout I was completely hooked and my competitive edge was restored! Although I rarely came on days with barbell movements in fear of becoming "bulky".  Fast forward 8 years anyone in the gym would think that is a joke. I love weightlifting and discovering what my body and mind are capable of.


My passion is helping clients also discover their true potential and help women break the mold that lifting weights does not make you "bulky".




Bachelor's of Exercise Science- Human Performance


CrossFit Level I Certification

CrossFit Level II Certification

USA-Weightlifting L1 Performance Coach

CrossFit Gymnastics Certified


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