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Shoreline Athletics 2019 Open--Week 4 Review

This week's workout was an interesting one: 3 rounds of snatches and burpees, followed by 3 minutes of rest. Then, 3 rounds of bar muscle-ups and burpees with a 12 minute cut-off. The skill of the bar muscle-up provided a challenge for many athletes, but several earned their first bar muscle-up, chest-to-bar pull-up, or pull-up, and we couldn't be prouder! Let's see who made podium this week...

Men's Rx:

1. Greg Papuga (130 Reps)

2. Scott Stewart (122 Reps)

3. Dave Brownell (177 Reps)

This makes the overall Men's Leaderboard heading into the final week of competition as follows:

1. Scott Stewart (7 Points)

2. Frank Vigliotti (13 Points)

3. Greg Papuga (19 Points)

It seems as if that first and second place podium finishes are pretty solidified; however, the third place could be altered. Both Zach Shepherd and Kyle Lundberg are right on Greg's tail!

Women's Rx:

1. Megin Shepherd (Completed all 132 reps in 11:22)

2. LP (123 Reps)

3. Aly Passarelli (66 reps with a 3:54 tiebreak)

There were several athletes tied at 66 reps this week, but Aly took it with that lightening fast tiebreak time for the first three rounds.

The overall Women's Rx Leaderboard going into the final week is as follows:

1. Meg Shep (4 points)

2. LP (8 points)

3. Aly P. (13 points)

Men's Scaled:

1. Will Gardener (Completed all 132 reps in 9:07)

2. Matt Murphy (completed in 10:27)

3. Mark Czarnecki (127 points)

The overall Men's Scaled Leaderboard going into the final week of competition is as follows:

1. A TIE between Will G. and Matt M., both with 7 points.

3. Mark Czarnecki (10 points)

Who will take first place: the Paleontologist or the wine guy??!!!!! :+)

Women's Scaled:

1. Meagan De Jesus (66 reps w/ a 5:23 tiebreak)

2. Becca Roche (66 reps w/a 6:12 tiebreak)

3. Kendra Price (66 reps w/a 6:42 tiebreak)

The overall Scaled Women's Leaderboard going into the final week of competition is as follows:

1. Meagan D. (5 points)

2. Becca R. (8 points)

3. Kendra P. (12 points)

Honorable Mention:

What were you doing at 4:30 am when you were 14? I know that I, for one, was fast asleep for at least 2 more hours when my mother would come in an repeatedly nudge me to wake up before I missed my bus.

This is not the case for 14-year-old Quinn Hagan!

At 4:30 am, Quinn is getting ready to come to the Shoreline Athletics 5 am class to workout with a bunch that, for the most part, are at least triple his age!

This week, Quinn was able to successfully move that 65 lbs barbell in the snatch, finishing the first part of 19.4 in 7:48.

This type of discipline and work ethic is going to get this kid far! Way to go, Quinn!

On to the FINAL week of competition!

Greg, grinding his way to a first place finish this week.

Dom, looking strong at the top of that lockout!


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