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The 2019 CrossFit Open- Week 5 Wrap-up

Well folks.... that's it for the 2019 CrossFit Open. As usual, the final workout of the open brought a couplet of light thrusters and chest-to-bar pull-ups; however, this time around, they were presented in a larger quantity than I ever can recall (that first set of 33--ouch!). Let's see who made podium for 19.5, and who are our overall leaders for this Open season:

Men's Rx:

1. Jimmy Connolly (11:50)

2. Scott Stewart (12:22)

3. Frank Vigliotti (13:06)

This makes the Men's RX Leaderboard for the 2019 CrossFit Open:

1. Scott Stewart (9 points)

2. Frank Vigliotti (16 points)

3. Greg Papuga & Kyle Lundberg (24 points)

Greg and Kyle are going to complete a 6th workout as a friendly tiebreaker, which will be televised via social media. Stay tuned....

Women's Rx:

1. Megin Shepherd (9:55)- 5 point total

2. LP (13:07)- 10 points total

3. Aly Passarelli (17:54)- 16 points total

This order is also reflective of the overall Women's Rx Leaderboard for the 2019 Open.

Men's Scaled:

1. Matt Murphy (6:22)-8 points total

2. Will Gardner (6:58)-9 points total

3. Mark Czarnecki (14:19)-13 points total

This order is also reflective of the overall Men's Scaled Leaderboard for the 2019 Open.

Women's Scaled:

1. Becca Roche (19:21)

2. Kendra Price (19:34)

The overall Women's Scaled Leaderboard for the 2019 Open is:

1. Meagan De Jesus (6 points)

2. Becca Roche (10 points)

3. Kendra Price (15 points)

Additionally, Shoreline Athletics has TWO athletes who are moving on to the Master's Qualifier! To participate in this, one must place in the top 200 in the WORLD for his/her division. We have:

FRANK VIGLIOTTI who placed 183rd for the Men's 40-44 division, and LP who placed 150th in the Women's 35-39 division.

Now that the Open is behind us, let's not forget a couple of things: continue to challenge yourself--set a performance goal, and continue to work toward it. Don't let last week be the last time that you work on achieving a bar muscle-up until the Open rolls around again next year. Secondly, our community at Shoreline Athletics is second to none! Continue to have FUN while working out with your peers, cheering them on, and using them to better you. A huge CONGRATULATIONS to all athletes who participated this year!

All eyes were on Kyle and Greg as they completed 19.5 a second time to see if it could act as a tiebreaker. It did NOT, so they will complete 19.6. STAY TUNED!

9 am beasts going after 19.5

The youngest member of the SA Open, Quinn, with his mom, Lynn, immediately following the completion of his first ever Open.


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