Shoreline Athletics–Week 5–Open Review

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Well folks, that’s a wrap!  The 2017 CrossFit Open is OVER!  What an exciting time at Shoreline Athletics.  It was inspiring to watch so many of our athletes push themselves to places that they never have (or haven’t in quite some time), achieve new skills, and of course, show an amazing sampling of camaraderie!

Let’s see where we stacked up in week 5:

Men’s RX

  1. John Lynch (10:19)

  2. Ryan Hocking & Colby Morawski (11:49)

  3. Geno Bontatibus (12:14)

  4. Frank Vigliotti (12:35)

The overall Men’s RX Leaderboard at Shoreline Athletics for the 2017 season is:

  1. John Lynch (18 points)

  2. Geno Bontatibus (20 points)

  3. Frank Vigliotti (29 points)

  4. Ryan Hocking (54 points)*

* I include a 4th place finisher because Geno performed movements/weights at Master’s 55-59 prescriptions.

Women’s RX

  1. Megin Oczcowski (8:33)

  2. LP (8:42)

  3. Bianca Fiondella (9:37)

The overall Female RX Leaderboard for the 2017 Shoreline Athletics Open is:

  1. Megin (8 points)

  2. LP (19 points)

  3. Bianca (31 points)

Men’s Scaled

  1. Dick Winslow (8:41)

  2. Chris Guandalini (9:03)

  3. Themis Kyriakides (10:43)

This leaderboard also reflects the scores for the Men’s scaled Master’s leaderboard this week.

The overall leaderboard for Men’s Scaled in the 2017 Shoreline Athletics CrossFit Open is:

  1. Chris G. (246 points)

  2. Themis (248 points)

  3. Dick W. (251 points)

This leaderboard also reflects the overall leaderboard for the Men’s Scaled Master’s Division at Shoreline Athletics for the 2017 season!

Women’s Scaled

  1. Jen Gregoretti (8:24)

  2. Taylor Maffeo & Amy Vercillo (8:31)

  3. Lisa Pageau (10:37)

The overall Women’s Scaled Leaderboard for Shoreline Athletics for the 2017 CrossFit Open is:

  1. Taylor Maffeo (222 points)

  2. Amy Vercillo (226 points)

  3. Dale Stewart (259 points)

Master’s Scaled Women

  1. Jen Gregoretti (8:24)

  2. Lisa Pageau (10:37)

  3. Diane Krickmier (11:22)

The overall Master’s Women Scaled Leaderboard for the 2017 Open at Shoreline Athletics is:

  1. Lisa Pageau (265 points)

  2. Diane (Krickmier (272 points)

  3. Aimie Likens (287 points)

Master’s RX Men

  1. John Lynch (10:19)

  2. Geno Bontatibus (12:14)

  3. Frank Vigliotti (12:35)

  4. Joey Herten (14:51)

The overall Men’s RX Master’s Leaderboard for the 2017 Open at SA is:

  1. John Lynch (18 points)

  2. Geno Bontatibus (20 points)

  3. Frank Vigliotti (29 points)

Female Master’s RX Leaderboard

  1. LP (8:42)

  2. Lara McGlashan (17:12)

  3. Mary Pont (17:36)

The overall Female RX Leaderboard for the 2017 CrossFit Open at SA is:

  1. LP (19 points)

  2. Connie Meierdiercks (68 points)

  3. Mary Pont (130 points)


Team Shoreline Athletics–Home of Shoreline CrossFit came in 66th place this week with a 51st place finish overall in the Northeast Region.  This placement will go up as top athletes accept their Regional invitations and their scores are removed from the team roster.  Contributing this week were: John Lynch, Vigs, Zach Shepard (13:10), Megin, LP, and Bianca.

The Shoreline Sixpacks came in 150th this week and placed 190th overall! Contributing members to this week’s score were: Colby, Ryan H., Joey H., Amanda Magleby (10:24), Sarah Lipp (11:31), and Jackie Mac (14:05).  Cheers to coming in the top 200 out of over 4,000 teams in the Northeast!

And I’d like to personally thank the Sixpacks for their unwavering support of our community at SA.  Many members would come at both 6am and 6:30 pm (beers in hand!) to support their peers.  That’s what it’s all about!!

Now to our athletes moving on….

Shoreline Athletics has THREE Master’s athletes moving on to the Online Qualifier that will take place between April 24-30th.  These athletes have a chance of cashing a ticket to the CrossFit Games in August!

John Lynch-45-49 Age Division

John came in 2nd in CT, 3rd in the Northeast, and 20th in the WORLD (out of 12,400 athletes!)!  Let’s talk about John’s 3rd place finish WORLDWIDE in 17.1, and 6th place finish in 17.4… This guy has a STRONG chance of going to Wisconsin (that sounds so weird…Wisconsin…)!

Geno Bontatibus-55-59 Age Division

Geno came in 1st in CT, 4th in the Northeast, and 35th in the WORLD (out of 3,650 athletes)!  Geno had a 9th place finish WORLDWIDE on 17.4.  This guy can go all the way this year!!!

Mary Pont- 50-54 Age Division

Mary placed 5th in CT, 22nd in the Northeast, and 167th WORLDWIDE (out of 10,400 athletes!!!!)!  In case you didn’t know, Mary has A LOT going on in her life at the moment.  She works full-time, is a mother of two, and a supportive wife of a husband who is fighting a courageous battle against cancer.  If you ask me, Mary already won!

Lauren Plumey- 35-39 Age Division

I placed 1st in CT, 4th in the Northeast, and 87th in the WORLD (out of 25,000 athletes)!  To be honest, I originally thought I’d have a better shot at the Games than this; this Open was humbling.  However, I am proud to have qualified for the next stage.  My priority is motherhood these days, and getting an hour in a day to workout 5 days a week is an accomplishment for me!  I’ll give it my best in the Qualifier, but realistically, my 2017 journey will end there (and I’m okay with it 🙂 )

Now, on to our shining star: Meg-O.… Megin came in 3rd in CT, 24th in the Northeast, and 252 WORLDWIDE (out of 140, 800 athletes)!!  In order to advance to the Regional in May, athletes must come in the top 20 in their region.  This currently places Megin four places out.  This being said, if 4 athletes in the top 20 decide to go team (which 2 definitely are), Megin qualifies.  If they do not, Meg’s 2017 journey ends here.  As you can imagine, this is frustrating (Meg would qualify in any other region besides the Northeast), but Meg is realistic and knows that this is part of life as a competitive athlete.

 Just to give y’all some perspective on how much the game changes each year: in 2012, I placed 5th in the Northeast, in 2013, 13th, in 2014, 21st, in 2015 29th, in 2017, 88th!!!  Now, you could argue that having a baby is the reason for this drop, but it is not! I truly haven’t changed much with the birth of Asa (in fact, after testing previous WODs, I’ve gotten better!).  The game has changed…The population increases each year, and the athletes entering the sport become more highly skilled (and people literally quit their jobs to CrossFit!).

This year, Meg had a 16th place finish in the WORLD in 17.3, and 37th place finish in 17.4.  That’s out of almost 141,000 people!!!! WHAAAATTTT??!!

Mark these words: NO ONE works harder in their training at Shoreline Athletics than Meg.  So, if perchance, her Games journey for 2017 ends here, that’s all that it is…the end for 2017; you’ll see a better, fitter, more focused, Meg in 2018….don’t you worry about it…

So, it’s over… NOW IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE!!!!! Please join us at the Thimble Island Brewing Company, 16 Business Park Drive, Branford on April 22nd at 12:30. Thank you to Aimie L. and Matt M. (of the Shoreline Sixpacks) for reserving space for their SA Family.  Feel free to bring a dish to share and we’ll celebrate all of your accomplishments, and acknowledge our Open winners listed above.  Even if you didn’t participate this year, please come to celebrate the amazing community that we have at Shoreline Athletics!!  I better see you there!

A special thanks to Chris Bruno for capturing so many awesome images of the Open at Shoreline Athletics!

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