Wednesday, April 19, 2017



“Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone...”


Isn’t that the truth?? I think back to the years that I qualified for the Northeast Regional; I just expected it.  It was always part of my Games experience…Finish the Open, qualify for the Regional.  I recall people congratulating me, and thinking that it wasn’t really a big deal… until the year that I tried my hardest and didn’t qualify….


Unfortunately, this is often the way that the human psyche works.  We often don’t appreciate our job until we lose it…Don’t appreciate a loved one until they die…Don’t appreciate our babies until they are no longer babies…We don’t appreciate our childhood until we look back at it with nostalgia…We don’t appreciate our health until it’s threatened.


How many times do we come to the gym and complain about something? Our back, our knee, our shoulder, how exhausted we are, how we hate to run, can’t stand the jerk, hate feeling rushed…


What if it was all taken away from you?  What if you couldn’t workout anymore?  What if your legs didn’t work?


I recently watched a video about a man who fell out of a tree at 13-years-old, causing him to become a quadriplegic.  He made a comment about halfway through the video that struck me: “When I was 19, I gained a new sense of freedom; I felt extremely blessed to regain the use of my arms.”  He had Freedom. He felt blessed.  WOW!  He still couldn’t use his legs, but he didn’t focus on that.


What if we came to the gym and changed our mindset, even on the worst of days?  What if we told ourselves that we will workout because we can.  So what you have a bum knee, shoulder, back, neck, wrist, etc… What do you have that IS working, and how CAN you use it?


My tendency when I placed in the top 200 for the Masters 35-39 in The CrossFit Open was to take it for granted similar to the way I used to think about the Regional.  Remembering the feeling of disappointment that I had when I did not qualify for my first Regional in 2015, reminded me not to think this way.  It reminded me to embrace it because it may not be here next year.

Let’s change our mindset.  Embrace everything that you possibly can.  See it for what it is worth.  Embrace your family, your friends, your homes, your babies, your job, the food you’re eating, the concert that you’re at.  Embrace it all…


Wish our Masters Athletes strength and speed during the Master’s Online Qualifier this weekend:





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