Monday 05-15-17

Monday, May 15, 2017

Warm Up 
Run, Row or Bike 2 Min
Shoulder Taps x 30 Sec
Scap Push Ups x 30 Sec
Swimmers x 30 Sec
Plank Walk Outs x 30 Sec
Alt Knee Pushes x 30 Sec
Alt Sky Reaches x 30 Sec
Buddha Prayers x 30 Sec
Moon The Sky x 30 Sec


Warm up shoulders as needed for pull up tester then complete.


One round warm up@ workout pace: 
125m Run
6 Burpees
125m Run
10 Wall Balls
125m Run
6/5 Cal Row
125m Run
10 kb Swings


3 Min Pull Up Tester:
Option 1: Strict Pull Up / Chin Up
Option 2: Banded Strict Pull Up / Chin Up
Option 3: Kipping / Butterfly Pull Ups


Note: Choose one of 3 options and make sure to repeat same option. If you need strict strength choose options 1 or 2. If you are working on muscle endurance and kipping proficiency choose option 3.


For Time: 
400m Run
25 Burpees
400m Run
50 Wall Balls @16/12
400m Run
25/20 Cal row
400m Run
50 KB Swings @35/25″

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