Friday 06-09-17

Friday, June 9, 2017

Start of Class

Coach explains workout, flow and mods


Warm Up

Partner up then 3 Simultaneous Rounds of:

4 Plank Walk Outs (4 steps out 4 steps in)

8 Scap Push Ups

16 Squat Bows

"Junk Yard Dog"

10 Reps of Jumping / each

5 Reps of jumping-Crawling / each


Skill Work

Clean and Jerk

+ Build to workout weight


12 Min AMRAP of:
2 Clean and Jerks @135/95
4 Strict Pull Ups
8 Hand Release Push Ups
16 Air Squats
- Increase clean & Jerk reps by 2 every round.

Ex.. R1/2, R2/4, R3/6 etc...

Score: Total rounds and reps completed.


After Party

Cool Down

Play a fun game

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