Monday 06-12-17

Monday, June 12, 2017

Start of Class

Coach covers workout, flow and mods


Warm Up

Crab/Bear Game


Grab Wall Ball (as a group on coaches call outs)

10 Air Squats + hold (just above ball)

10 Air Squats + tap ball

10 Squats (bear hugging ball)

10 Med Ball Thrusters

10 Med Ball Tosses In Air and Catch


20 Wall Ball Tosses For Time (note time for workout)


Handstand Skill Work and Warm Up 

In Groups of 3, grab a 20-24" box

10 Sec Handstand Hold On Box (on knees or toes) x 2

3 Handstand Kick Ups x 2

10 Sec Handstand Hold on Wall x 2


13 Min AMRAP of:
200m Run
30 Sec Hand Stand Hold
20 Wall Balls @20/14

Score: Total rounds plus reps. 


After Party

Cool Down 


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