Tuesday 06-27-17

Monday, June 26, 2017

Warm Up:

Foam Roll- general maintenance

Arm & Leg Swings- forwards, backwards, side to side   

Run or Row- 2 mins as a group


Grab Box @ 20/16” for Mobility/Prep X 60 secs each

- static hamstring, adductor stretch, amrap step ups/step downs         

Low Back Rotational Work X 30 secs each

-  knees rocking, lying knee hugs, bridges

6 Point Strict Burpee Progression X 7 reps @ 1 sec pause each position  

- hands, plank, floor, plank, feet under hips, jump and clap    

Asses OH/HS Hold Mobility- to protect your backs/check from

- barbell presses, down up dog, corkscrews, then re-asses position

Barbell Skill Work Cycling 3 X 7   

- Power Cleans with a 5-10 sec rest b/n sets     

- practice a few reps of each movement



Power Cleans, build to a moderate double 

- loading depends on the individual and time of day you train   

- feel free to work from the hang position instead



17 Min AMRAP of:

7 Power Cleans 135/95

7 Burpee Box Jumps 20/16"

7 Russian KB Swings 70/53

7 HSPUs or 30 Sec HS Hold


As a friendly reminder, please do not drop the Kettlebells.   


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