Wednesday 06-28-17

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Start of Class

Coach covers workout, flow and mods


Grab med ball and find spot on wall

Grab box and set it up in line with med ball

Grab rower and set it up in line with box


Warm Up

4 Rounds of ROWling

- Row a perfect 100m, for every meter over/under complete 5 du's/su's


3 Rounds of

10 Medicine Ball Thrusters

10 Box Jump Step Downs

10 Medicine Ball Deadlifts


5 Rounds of
1 Min of Wall Balls @20/14
1 Min of Box Jumps @20/16
1 Min of Cal Row
1 Min Rest

Score: Total number of all completed reps


After Party 

5 Min Row Cooldown/Flush + Stretch

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