Friday 7-21-17

Thursday, July 20, 2017

QUICK Warm Up:

Foam Roll- lats, calves, & quads  

Run or Row- short distance  

Frog Stretch & Dynamic 90s  

PVC Rotational Mobility, PVC Snatch Balance, OH Squats 


Game/Accuracy Under Fatigue


Snatch Ladder Drill X 4-5 Attempts:

- PVC Pipe   

- 15 lb bar

- 30 lb bar

- 45 lb bar (optional)   


There will be 4-5 stations set up with 4 + athletes per station. Each athlete will advance through the ladder  stadium style fashion and quickly, but the goal is technique under fatigue. You can modify this to a Power Snatch, OHS, or Squat Clean as needed.   



8 Rounds of:

2 Min AMRAP of:

1 Squat Snatch 115/75 (not a build)

5 Burpees

5/3 Strict Pull Ups

- rest 1 minute between rounds

- scale this workout as needed  

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