Wednesday 07-26-17 S

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Warm Up:

Foam roll- upper and lower body 

Couch Stretch- 60 secs per side 


Group Warm Up: 

- 125 m run at easy pace 

Frog Stretch 

Modified Pigeon 

External Rotator Stretch 

- 125 m run at easy pace 

Cat Cow 

Bird Dog Stretch 

Down Up-Up Dog 


Skill Work: 

- grab a light pair of dbs to prep shoulders 

- start with some shoulder presses

- review bent over rows 

- review devil presses 

- review 6 cone zig zag sprint  


30 Min Running Clock:

6 Back Squats- build off rack

12 GHD Sit Ups

6 DB Double Arm Bent Over Rows 35/25

6 DB Devil Presses from Hang 35/25

6 Cone Zig Zag Sprint (cones in parking lot)

- repeat as amrap at walking pace with burst or energy


Rate your technique on the newer movements from 1 to 10. With 10 being you scaled and moved perfectly.

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