Friday 09-08-17

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Warm Up:

Foam Roll- as general maintenance 

Calve Stretch- against wall or rig  


3 X 200 Meter Runs, rest 30 secs b/n 


Mobility (1/2 class doing A and 1/2 doing B):

A. 60 Secs Dynamic 90s per side  

B. 60 Sec Runners Lunge Holds & Hip Circles per side     


Split Jerk Technique Work: 

- Transitioning into the Split Jerk from Clean 


Strength & Skill:

10 Min EMOM of: 

1 Sq Clean & Split Jerk, build quickly to moderate weight 

- because of the short rest periods, focus on technique not load   



5 Rounds For Time:  

125 Meter Run   

15 Wall Balls 20/14 

15 Pull Ups 

3 Cleans 155/105 (Power or Squat)   

3 Front Squats 155/105   


- Rest 60-120 seconds between rounds 

- Your score is your finish time including rest     


Rest Periods: to determine how much rest to take, you want your Heart Rate to drop back down below 120 BPM before restarting. You can take your HR manually if you don't have a HR Monitor.  

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