Tuesday 02-12-18 S

Monday, February 12, 2018

The reason this workout states 70-80%, but then the row says hard effort is because of the time domain and the fact that there's 4 stations which then requires lots of transition. The only "truly hard" movement to the body is the front squat, but everything is considered a static heart position. So with a 30 minute time frame, even if you go hard on the row, you spend the majority of your time in lower heart rate training zones.  


Warm Up: 
Foam Roll- lats & quads 
Hip Mobility:
Air Squats X 8-10 
Knee Push Ups X 10-12 
Lateral Lunge Steps X 10-12   
Grab Box & Set Up Empty BB off Rack.... 
2 Rounds of: 
10/8 Cals 
6/4 Push Ups 
6 Lateral Box Step Overs 
6 Empty Barbell Front Squats (off Rack) 
- coach assesses form during the time 
Wod Discussion... 
Workout @ 70-80% effort: 
Every 5 Mins for 30 Mins: 
20/16 Calorie Row @ hard effort  
15/12 HR Push Ups   
12 Lateral Box Jumps/Step Downs @ 20/16"- 24/20"  
5 Front Squats @ 185/125-225/155 (off rack) 
- rest in the remaining time 
- walk from station to station (no score today)  


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