Wednesday 04-11-18 C

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Warm Up

Grab 2.5# Plate and PVC Pipe

Prone PVC Pipe Thru's x 15

Dynamic 90's x 5/side

Standing Plate Y-Raise x 10


2 Rounds of

250m Row

10 Ring Row Shrugs + 5 Ring Rows

10 Scap Push Ups + 5 Seated On Ground DB Press

15 Second Elbow Plank + 10 Vertical Toe Touches


Skill Work (Find and Set Up Pull Up/ TTB Station)

Hollow to Arch

Kipping Swings

Kipping Pull Ups

Kipping TTB/Hanging Knee Raises


4 Rounds
250m Row
6 Pull Ups 
6 DB Strict Press
6 TTB 
150m Row
4 Pull Ups 
4 DB Strict Press
4 TTB 
100m Row
2 Pull Ups 
2 DB Strict Press
2 TTB 
- Rest 2 Min b/w 


Scale movements as needed. Goal is to have unbroken crisp reps.

Score: Total seconds difference from your slowest to fastest round

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