Tuesday 05-15-17 S

Monday, May 14, 2018

Warm Up: 

Row, Run, or Bike X 4 Mins 

Squat Prayer X 30 secs 

Knee Pushes X 30 secs per 

Ring Rows X 10  

Hang & Shrugs X 10  

Knee Hugs X 30 secs 

Hip Flexor X 30 secs per 

Ring Rows X 15 

Hang & Shrugs X 15 

Pigeon Stretch X 30 secs per 


Review Pistols:  

Standards and Modifications 


Gymnastics (assessment):   

A. 50 Alternating Pistols "for time" (today's score)  

- do not count "no reps" comp standards apply

- there will be several modification options as well 


B. Workout @ 70-80%:

7 Sets Untimed:

7-to-1 Front Squats (as a build, not a max effort day)

14 DB Single Arm Push Presses (7 per)

14 Calorie Row or Calorie Bike

- perform at walking pace

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