Thursday 10-04-18 S

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Warm Up: 
500 M Row or 400 Run 
- Coach Leads - 
A. Passive Hang x 60 secs    
B. Dynamic Hip to Hamstring Stretch X 60 secs  
C. Spiderman Walks and Reach X 60-90 secs  
D. Active Hang X 60 secs 
E. Lying Alternating Leg Cross Overs X 60 secs  
F. Side Plank Holds X 60-90 secs 
Skill Work/Movement Prep:
6-4 Toes to Bar 
6-4 DB Power Cleans 
6-4 Calorie Row 
6-4 DB FR Walking Lunges 
6-4 Calorie Assault 
6-4 DB Push Press 
- Rd 1: 6 reps of each light 
- Rd 2: 4 reps of each at wod weight  


Workout #1:
From 0:00-7:00 Mins:    

15-12-9 of:  

Calorie Row (Mod: 100-200 M Run)  

Dumbbell Front Walking Lunges 35/25-55/35  

- rest any remaining time 

Workout #2: 
From 7:00-14:00 MIns: 

Calorie Assault Bike 

Dumbbell Push Press 35/25-55/35    

- rest any remaining time 

Workout #3: 
From 14:00-21:00 Mins: 

15-12-9 of:
Toes to Bar (Mod: Strict Hanging Knee Raises)    
Dumbbell Power Cleans 35/25-55/35  
- rest any remaining time


There's no score in today's workout. 


The set modifications are designed for individuals that struggle with pattern overloading in the hinging movements that require global flexion. Be mindful of the pairings and loading and attempt to achieve the intended stimulus which in simple terms is short and hard efforts (glycolytic). Position the equipment nearby so there's little transition time. 


800 M Cool Down Run & Stretch    

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