Thursday 11-01-18 S

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Warm Up: 
Row, Bike, or Run x 3-5 mins  
90/90 Hip Stretch x 30 secs 
Lying Knee Hugs x 30 secs
Lying Leg Crossovers x 30 secs 
Non-Active Hang x 30 secs 
Prayer Holds x 30 secs 
Toe Touch To Squat x 30 secs 
Hip Circles/Hurdles x 30 secs  
Active Hang x 30 secs  
Kneeling Hip Flexor with Glute Activation x 30 secs per  
Side to Side Lunge/Squat x 30 secs 
World Greatest Stretch x 30 secs per 
18 min amrap of: 

Cal Row 
Toes to Bar 
Wall Balls 20/16 
- pull the rowers closer so it's a faster transition  

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