The 2019 CrossFit Open--Week 2 Wrap-up

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

This week's Open workout brought a test of both strength and skill by repeating an Open workout from 2016, which combined toes-to-bar, double-unders, and progressively heavier squat cleans.  Again, this workout reminded athletes of the importance of honing our double-unders core strength, and Olympic lifts .  Let's see who came out on top after week 2.  


Men's Rx: 

1. Scott Stewart (261 reps)

2. Zach Shepherd (258 reps w/ a 9:34 tiebreak)

3. Frank Vigliotti (258 reps w/ a 10:54 tiebreak)


This makes the overall leaderboard for week 2:

1. Scott Stewart (3 points)

2. Zach and Vigs TIED with 6 points

3. Kyle Lundberg (11 points)


Female Rx:

1. Megin Shepherd (COMPLETED in 19:16)

2. LP (423 reps)

3. Ally Passarelli (253 Reps)


This makes the overall leaderboard for week 2:

1. Megin Shepherd (2 points)

2. LP (4 points)

3. Ally Passsarelli (7 points)

Kati Papoosha is right in the mix with 8 points!


Male Scaled:

1. Matt Murphy (COMPLETED in 17:20)

2. Will Gardner (COMPLETED in 19:26)

3. Mark Czarnecki (429 Reps)


This makes the overall leaderboard for week 2:

1. Matt Murphy and Will Gardner TIED with 3 points

2. Mark Czarnecki (6 points)

3. Quinn Hagan (8 points)


Female Scaled: 

1. Meagan De Jesus (COMPLETED 19:06)

2. Kendra Price (261 reps)

3. Rebecca Roche (253 reps)


This makes the overall leaderboard for week 2:

1. Meagan De Jesus (3 points)

2. Rebecca Roche (4 points)

3. Kendra Price (6 points) 


Honorable Mention: 


So, to be quite honest, I struggled with my position regarding the Open this year.... Do I pump athletes up??! Coerce them to sign up?  Without all of the media hype behind the 2019 Open from CrossFit HQ it honestly got away from me and I definitely did not promote it at SA in the manner that I typically do.  In fact, I almost didn't sign up myself.  This leads me to this week's honorable mention...


Kyle Lundberg is a newer CrossFit athlete.  While he has a gift of natural athleticism (strength, agility, cardiovascular endurance, etc..) he still lacks some of the skills of an experienced CrossFitter--one of these being double-unders.  Kyle was well aware that this skill would be demanded at some point during the Open.  When the Open began, he had maybe 1 double under.  He made a bet (for a burrito!) with classmate, Mark DeCapua, that by last Friday, he would go from his 1 double under, to 25 unbroken.  After tirelessly coming in to practice, Kyle earned 40 unbroken!


This is my point:  the Open forces us to identify weaknesses and craft our skill.  While we may not master this skill during this 5-week competition, the smarter athlete will identify them, and continue to work on them before his/her next competition.  


So, enjoy that burrito Kyle, but don't forget to continue to practice those double unders!  


On to week 3!


 The Morawskis teaching Baby Oz that those legs were built for squats!

 Meg Shep getting some love from her peers on those last few reps at 205.  


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