Friday 04-19-19 S

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Warm Up:
Wall Wrist Walks x 10  
Wall Calve Stretch x 45-60 secs per 
- If you arrive on time, but waiting for the group, row to keep warm 
Glutes, Shoulders, & Hips...
Slow Bear Crawl (away from the wall) 
Walking Knee Hugs (towards the wall)  
Slow Bear Crawl (away from the wall) 
Alternating Lateral Lunge Steps (towards the wall)  
Handstand Holds (against the wall) 
- Review Workout 
- Review Finisher 

Grab Empty BB/Skill Work...
Empty BB Back Squats & Thrusters 
- Back Squats off the rack 
- Thrusters off the ground 
- Spend 8-10 mins building up to 60% of your maxes 


1-to-10 Back Squats 185/125-225/155 (off rack)  
15/12 Calorie Row 
1-to-10 Thrusters 95/65-135/95 (off ground)  
- this is not a build; move well 


4 Sets of: 

10 Floor Seated DB Strict Presses 35/25 
10 Floor Lying Leg Raises 

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