Friday 01-10-20 C

Friday, January 10, 2020

Warm Up

"Grab a Thinner Band"

Banded Lat Stretch x 30 Sec/side

Banded Pec Stretch x 30 Sec/side

3 Rounds of

Banded Lat Pull Downs x 10

Banded Tricep Pull Downs x 10

Leg Swings x 10/side


Grab DB For Snatches

3 Rounds of

DB Snatch Grip Deadlifts x 5/side (think about set up for db snatch)

Single Arm DB Push Press x 5/side


3 Rounds of
10 Strict Pull Ups (accumulate as needed), Rest 30 Sec
AMRAP Strict Push Ups (form focus), Rest 90 Sec

7 Rounds
10 Cal Row
10 Alt DB Snatches
- Rest 1 min b/w rounds


Score: Total time

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