Friday 02-07-19 S

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Warm Up: 
500/400m Row 
90-90 Hip Stretch x 30+ secs  
Lying Pigeon Stretch x 30+ secs per 
Frog Stretch x 30 secs   
3 Sets of: 
Weighted Wall Sit x 30 secs 
Slow Bear Crawl x GL (away from wall) 
Tall Walking Lunges x GL (towards wall)  
Review Back Squat Modifications & L1 


8 Mins to Build: 

Back Squats, goal is to start heavier than last week 
- mix in some push ups, lunges, and jump roping 
20 Min AMRAP of: 

1 Back Squat, build/score  
10/8 Calorie Row 
10/8 Push Ups  
10/5 Walking Lunges 
20 Double Unders/40 Single Unders    


L1: 1 rep + 5 sec pause at bottom 
L2: Open up at 135/95-155/105, build from there 
L3: Open up at 205/135, build from there  

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