Thursday 5-28-20

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Warm Up
Broom Stick Pipe Pass Thurs x 15
Broom Stick Shoulder Extension Stretch x 30 Sec
Alt Same Side Shoulder Taps x 20 (Slow)
Scap Push Ups x 10 (Slow)
Plank Walk Outs x 5 (4 Steps Out 4 Steps In)

8 Min AMRAP @Warm up pace
4/side Single Arm Pronated Bent Over Rows
15 Sec Handstand Hold or DB OH Hold (Very Active)
30 Sec High Knees (In Place)
30 Sec Plank On Elbows

4 Rounds (20 Minutes)
30 Sec of Max SA DB Hang Clean & Press
30 Sec Rest
30 Sec Side Plank
30 Sec Rest
30 Sec of Max (Pronated) Strict Pull Ups / Bent Over Rows
30 Sec Rest
30 Sec Max 10m Shuttle Sprints
90 Sec Rest
- For SA DB Hang Clean & S2OH and Side Plank, Switch Sides at the Start of Each Round

Score: Total reps Completed

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