In Teams of Two, Complete 16 Rounds
250m Row
12 KB Swings @53/35
6 Pull Ups

Score: Total time

One Partner Working at a time. Once Partner A completes their task they tag Partner B in. Partners will alternate tasks all the way through 16 rounds.
Round 1
Partner A: 250m Row
Partner B: 12 KB Swings
Partner A: 6 Pull Ups
Round 2
Partner B: 250m Row
Partner A: 12 KB Swings
Partner B: 6 Pull Ups

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Workout @ 70-80%: 
27 Min AMRAP of: 

250/200m Row 
20 Box Step 24/20" 
15 HR Push Ups 
10 Reps of Any BB Movement 

Choose a movement your haven't seen in a while and have fun! 

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